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Wall_Ball_Camp_Victoria_V3Only a few weeks before the Season in the eastern division of the German Lacrosse league starts, the Berlin lacrosse club Victoria Berlin decided to host a camp to improve skills and lacrosse IQ of their players. To increase the amount of participants and give other people a chance to improve the camp was also open for players from other clubs from Eastern Germany. In this way coaches, Sean Gibson (Ireland) for the men’s side and Hazel Wisbey (England) really took the 40 participants to another level.

As most players were at the beginner stage day one was dedicated to improving stick skills and working on fundamentals of the game. Sean, who is known for his box lacrosse background put a lot of two-man-games, pick-and-roll and off and on ball picks in play which made the camp very interesting even for the more experienced player. To finish up the first day a one hour classroom session gave huge insight in team Offence and defense concepts. Sean provided a well-defined and described playbook that if executed the right way should give Victoria Berlin a powerful tool to operate with in the upcoming season.

The women’s camp focused mostly on improving stick skills especially in motion and transition, precise passing and constant motion in offence and defense were key and executed well by the players. A walk through team offence and team defense should provide the players with the perfect bases for the upcoming season.

A nice evening session in a Berlin Bar finished up a great first day and kept everyone excited for day two which should be the time to put the theory into practice. After a short repetition of the basic concepts of the classroom session Sean had everyone set up in a basic 6v6 to execute the plays. Surprisingly all the plays drawn up a day before were executed well with some minor confusion in the zone defense (still a great job for a first-time-zone-D). In this way O and D would have a great session on Sunday and finished strong with some nice goals and good offence.

On the women’s side it was game time as well and everyone seemed to have improved a lot during the previous sessions as basic motion offence was executed well and the ball was mostly kept in the air. Hazel really motivated the participants to finish strong and everyone cheered on Sunday noon with a big smile on their faces.

CIMG2539God knows what is going on in this master mind…

We really like the effort of Victoria Berlin LC to host a camp and Grow The Game in Eastern Germany. Talking to the club members this camp will be the first of a series of camps with at least one per year. We look forward to it.

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