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Women’s Lacrosse Stringing Tutorial

0 - Published November 12, 2013 by in News, Stringing

Today we want to present you something from the women’s side of lacrosse. Rahel, a member of LimeGreen Lacrosse and the Dresden Braves Lacrosse Club is showing us two stringing tutorials for the women’s lacrosse heads STX Lotus and DeBeer Aurora. The Aurora Tutorial “Gripper Pocket” is based on a stringjob using a combination of […]


Probably the Best Mesh in the World – East Coast Mesh

0 - Published August 30, 2013 by in Interviews, News, Stringing

At the early stage of LimeGreen Lacrosse we decided to partner up with East Coast Dyes, one of the leading mesh producers in the world of lacrosse. We already mentioned that we want to make East Coast Mesh accessible for European players and successfully spread ECM at all of our events. Every customer that received and […]

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Stringing for a Good Cause – Some East Coast Mesh in Action

0 - Published August 10, 2013 by in News, Stringing

To provide the European Lacrosse community with the best equipment possible our partner East Coast Dyes shipped over some great East Coast Mesh. This wax coated mesh provides superior hold while keeping performance and shape through out heavy weather and wet environment. Some of our customers sent over some pictures from their ECM strung heads. […]


Stringing for a Good Cause – LimeGreen Nike Lakota

0 - Published July 14, 2013 by in News, Stringing

The LimeGreen Lacrosse mission is: Combining the fight against blood cancer with growing and improving the sport of lacrosse in Europe. A essential part of women’s and men’s Lacrosse is the tool we use and love so much, the stick. As some refer to it as the wand we simply want to give everyone the […]


Stringing for a Good Cause

0 - Published July 8, 2013 by in News, Stringing

This weekend LimeGreen Lacrosse presented a small selection of stringing items out of our custom stringing section at the German University Lacrosse Championships in Munich for the first time.