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As student, photographer and member of the Dresden Braves Lacrosse Club, Falk Milan was developing a unique art project in early 2010. He decided to combine his passion for sport and photography to form a special piece of art. He asked a couple of teammates of the Dresden Braves LC if they would like to contribute to a nude fine art photography project bound to Lacrosse. After very positive feedback and a great response within the team he decided to share the pictures of this project with others. Making an eycatching calender seemed the best way to promote the sport of lacrosse. Therefore all the photos were somehow related to lacrosse and only involved team players.

Some impressions of the 2011 and 2012 edition – (c) Falk Milan

The first attempt – the 2011 calendar

The 2011 edition was a great piece of art especially for the first attempt of a project like this. Bringing fine art nude and lacrosse together in the photos wasn’t always easy and still the pictures were all covering different themes and motives without showing just nude guys. But anyway an important thing was missing, the girls. Falk and the Braves quickly realized that a dozen of rather good looking guys holding a netted stick won’t be good enough to get the big deal and spreading the calendar throughout Germany. So the women’s lacrosse team decided to step in and help out.

Female touch – The 2012 calendar

One year later Falk decided to tie in with the success or at least the curiosity caused be starting the project and create another edition. To involve the women’s lacrosse team as well the pages of the calendar were equally split amongst male and female motives with more or mostly less cloth involved. The pure black and white pictures with only little spots of color provided the special touch. The resulting master piece took off brilliantly and was really more than just a page to check out the date. Fortunately all the models (that all belong to the Lacrosse Club and play Lacrosse) involved in the shooting were fully pleased by the pictures and showed great interest and convinced falk to continue the time-consuming project.

Turn the page – The 2014 calendar

With one year break Falk and the Braves had enough time to get the basic concept of next year’s edition, which was with no doubt requested by players, models and everyone that ever received a previous piece. To increase the amount of pictures that fit on the calendar Falk decided to use both sides of the pages splitting each month in a women’s and men’s edition. Actually two calendars in one, enabling to “choose sides” each month. The new edition is now in print and will launch shortly.

We are looking forward to this promising masterpiece, everybody who had quick look during the creation, experienced the 2014 edition as a destinct step forward and a worthy promoter for lacrosse.

At this point we want to thank Falk and the Dresden Braves LC for Growing the Game a unique and special way and for donating 1 € per calendar to LimeGreen Lacrosse to support the fight against blood cancer.

For more information about the project visit this page.

You can purchase your version of the 2014 Dresden Braves Calendar


This was a video to promote the project in early 2013. unfortunatelly only in German. Go get your dictionary

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