Stringing for a Good Cause

0 - Published July 8, 2013 by in News, Stringing

This weekend LimeGreen Lacrosse presented a small selection of stringing items out of our custom stringing section at the German University Lacrosse Championships in Munich  for the first time. By partnering up with East Coast Dyes, Americas fastest growing mesh and stringing company, we were able to hit continental Europe with some sweet ECD mesh and colorful shooting strings.


The lime green 15 mm East Coast mesh sold out quickly and everyone that got in touch with the mesh was convinced of its superior properties. In combination with the donation of the profits to our blood cancer program the higher price compared to regular mesh was willingly paid.

For the future we are working intensively towards our custom stringing section on the captain lax online shop. This will enable everyone not only to get great pockets but also have these in all different colors.

Side Note: German National Team player Wolfgang Grießel shot 145 kph (90 mph) using his stick but managed to shoot 150 (94) using a stick strung up by LimeGreen Lacrosse using East Coast Mesh (he had a hard time hitting the net though due to the higher whip). At this point I would rather not like to start the whole wizard – wand discussion.

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