Stringing for a Good Cause – LimeGreen Nike Lakota

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The LimeGreen Lacrosse mission is:

Combining the fight against blood cancer with growing and improving the sport of lacrosse in Europe.

A essential part of women’s and men’s Lacrosse is the tool we use and love so much, the stick. As some refer to it as the wand we simply want to give everyone the chance to compete on his/her highest level and also look good by providing stringing intel and a range of pocket options. While other stringing companies focus on selling there stringing knowledge we are like to follow the East Coast Dyes example by providing you the information to string a stick for free.

Here is one of our first custom strung Heads in a LimeGreen Lacrosse theme featuring white 15 mm East Coast mesh. check out the tutorial for this stringjob on youtube:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Pocket details:


Head: Nike Lakota

Mesh: 15mm East Coast Mesh, white

Mid – High Pocket

Whip: 7 out of 10

Hold: 6 out 10

Some Pictures of that nice looking Nike Lakota in the LimeGreen Lacrosse theme.

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