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For the fourth time since 2010, German University Lacrosse Teams assemble their troops to compete in what has become one of Europe’s biggest small-field Lacrosse tournaments, the adh-Open Lacrosse  (ADH-OL). Women’s and men’s teams from all over the country meet on the traditional first weekend of July (05-07/07/2013) to celebrate one of the fastest growing sports in German Universities. This year’s edition will be hosted by the Bundeswehr University Munich (UniBw, University of the Federal Armed Forces of Germany) to carry on the legacy of the hosts Kaiserslautern (2012), Würzburg (2011) and Mainz (2010).

The Host


Bundeswehr Lacrosse team 2011

Before getting insight of the tournament itself, we want to take a closer look at the host UniBW. Founded in 2003 by Martin Gruner, the UniBw Lacrosse Club quickly took over as the dominant sport club on campus. The physicality, teamwork and tactical requirements of Lacrosse seem to be perfect to forget about the stress and deadlines in the lecture hall and in addition help preparing the future officers for their work in the armed forces. As one of the only clubs in German Lacrosse the”Bundies” participate at both, the indoor and outdoor version of Lacrosse. To provide competition for Box Lacrosse in Germany the Isarbox, one of Germany’s most prestige Box Lacrosse tournaments was established on campus around the same time as the club. Telling by the date both the Isarbox and the UniBw Lacrosse club celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. This long tradition resulted not only in numerous games and tournaments they played at, indoor and outdoor, but also in the development of great Lacrosse players like Phillip Broz and Wolfgang Grießl, both German national team players. To celebrate the 10th anniversary UniBw decided to host one of the biggest events in German Lacrosse, which brings us back to the 4th adh-Open Lacrosse.


Bundeswehr Lacrosse team with Deutschland Adler LC at the 2013 Aleš Hřebeský Memorial

The 4th ADH Lacrosse Championships 2013

When the deadline for team registration was passed, Matthias Lehna, the head of the organization team, announced a stunning number of 516 participants with a total of 41 teams, 14 women’s and 27 men’s, from over 30 different Universities. This is by far the most players the adh-Open  have ever seen and it makes the organization a bit of a challenge. But like a sudden attack on the battlefield Matthias and his team are able to handle this unexpected and overwhelming interest in the tournament. By providing a total of 8 fields, application of slight changes of the tournament rules and providing over a dozen of full time officials they control the masses and create a smooth and on time event for everyone involved.

As Lacrosse at German universities is not played on a competitive level like University Lacrosse in the USA or England the adh-Open is one of the rare possibilities for German Uniteams to compete in the sport they play the whole year. This fact brings a whole different feeling and atmosphere to the event. But to guarantee a maximum of fun and competitiveness for organizers, fans, officials and players slight changes of the official FIL rules are applied. One major factor in German University lacrosse is the early stage of development at most of the universities. As a result, only a few clubs would be able to field a full roster with 15 or more player for full-field Lacrosse game. To allow small University lacrosse programs to take part in the adh-Open Lacrosse, the squad size is reduced to a maximum of 15 with 8 players on the field and a smaller field size with ca. 60 x 40 m. In addition, face offs only take place at the beginning of the game and second half. After scoring a goal the ball starts at the goalie and the game continues on the whistle. This will create a high pace game with a lot of transition and scoring opportunities going on all day and also enough possession for both teams.

 Participating Teams:

Men’s Lacrosse:

BTU Cottbus, TU Dresden, Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg, Uni Friedrichshafen, Uni Göttingen, Uni Heidelberg, Uni Stuttgart, Uni Mainz, TU Kaiserslautern, Uni Münster, Uni Paderborn, Uni des Saarlandes, Uni Ulm, Uni München UniBw München, Uni Tübingen, Uni Marburg, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Uni Würzburg, Uni Aachen, UniBw München / Uni Passau, Uni Bonn / Uni Köln, Uni Duisburg-Essen / Uni Mainz, Uni Innsbruck / KIT, KIT / HS Technik und Wirtschaft / HS Pädagogik, Uni Trier / Uni Tübingen, Uni Gießen / Uni Siegen

Women’s Teams:

Uni Bonn, TU Dresden, Uni Köln, Uni Stuttgart, Uni Mainz, Uni Münster, Uni Ulm, Uni Tübingen, Uni Ulm,  Uni Tübingen, Uni Marburg, Karlsruher Institut für Technilogie (KIT), Uni Würzburg, KIT / HS Technik und Wirtschaft / HS Pädagogik, Uni Gießen / Uni Siegen, Uni Paderborn / Uni Cottbus

Get involved

To support a social project directly at the tournament, UniBw and LimeGreen Lacrosse decided to partner up for the first time in adh-Open Lacrosse history. UniBW is already known for supporting social projects as parts of this year’s profit of the Isarbox was donated to a charity in a town next to campus. We are glad that UniBw offered to share profits out of theadh-Open with the LimeGreen Lacrosse initiative.  We are glad to get involved in such a great and important event in German Lacrosse and appreciate the support of UniBW for LimeGreen Lacrosse and our mission. On the other hand, we will support participants and organizers before and at the tournament to our best ability with information about our blood cancer program and cool gear. We are proud to see our logo on flyers and posters of the event and will have some great LimeGreen surprises in stock. Stay tuned for the year’s greatest weekend in German University Lacrosse.

for more information visit the tournament webpage HERE. (German language skills are required)

Information on facebook HERE.


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