Sexy Lacrosse – The 2. Redstore Lacrosse Cup in Würzburg

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Earlier this year we reported about the Berlin Open 2013 and the winner of the men’s tournament, the German tournament team Love Lax. The lacrosse club from Würzburg and the organization team around Matthias Stolte are organizing a tournament that deals with love and lax. The tournament has quite a unique sponsor,, a German “love” shop.

At this point I want to point out the great amount of small tournaments in the summer time that really provide a good base of Growing The Game and giving beginners a chance to compete.

But back to the tournament. Most players arrived already Friday night at the camp site and had a great time at the improvised welcome party. On Saturday morning 15 men teams and 4 women teams started competing at great conditions for the appealing prizes sponsored by

Here a quick look at the tournament site filmed with the LimeGreen Lacrosse GoPro equipment:

Day one of the tournament was dominated by sunshine, party, and great lacrosse. Many teams were filled with players on the beginner level which did not provide the highest level of lacrosse. Instead every goal was celebrated like the overtime win in a championship game and it was great to see many players picking up the game and improving over the games played.

After a sunny day clouds showed up right before the players party. But the rain was a welcome chance to cool down the heat at a great party with a fantastic pong tournament as a side event. Unfortunatelly the rain did continue the next day so all the final games had to be cancelled as water covered every part of the pitches. To determine a winner for the tournament the organizers decided to have a 1 on 1 shootout with the Stuttgart team taking home the win in the men’s competition. Because the women’s competiton consited of less teams, they finished before it started to rain. Lucky Women…


 LimeGreen Ref Uniforms look good in any weather!


The Redstore Cup in Würzburg is one of the last tournaments in the off season. We are glad that we could be part of this and all the other tournaments in the last month. It is great to see the game grow that much every year as well as the support and brotherhood inside the German lacrosse community.

Besides the representation of LimeGreen Lacrosse by the referees, the host Würzburg decided to donate half of the tombola profit to the LimeGreen Lacrosse blood cancer program. Thanks a lot for the support and we are already looking forward to next year.

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