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At the early stage of LimeGreen Lacrosse we decided to partner up with East Coast Dyes, one of the leading mesh producers in the world of lacrosse. We already mentioned that we want to make East Coast Mesh accessible for European players and successfully spread ECM at all of our events. Every customer that received and used a piece of ECM so far was totally convinced by the superior properties and will hopefully spread the word. (check out some ECM stringing made in Europe)


To give you a closer insight in the ECM world and a quick look behind the stage we had a little chat with Greg, founder of East Coast Dyes. Go check it out yourself:

Hi Greg. Tell us a little bit about your lacrosse career. When did you start playing and for what teams.

I started playing when I was very young, around 4. I played lacrosse pretty much all year growing up. I played for Cockeysville Rec Council. When I first started playing club programs were not nearly as prominent as they are today. I played my highschool lacrosse at Loyola Blakefield in Towson MD. We won the MIAA A Conference championship in my senior year which is still one of my favorite lacrosse memories. I then attended Elizabethtown College in Lancaster PA, a smaller D3 school. I had a lot of fun playing at E-town and had a successful career on the field. Now I play in a number of post collegiate leagues in the fall, spring, and summer. The environment is a little more relaxed and 2 games a week is probably all I can handle these days.

When did you first string a stick?

I first started stringing sticks when I was in middle school. I would bring my stick to school even though our middle school did not have a team then. Everyday on the bus on the way to and from school I would mess with new ideas and try something new. Up until college I only strung my sticks and my brothers sticks. Once I got to college I took the role of team stick doctor. I probably ended up stringing 1/2 of the players sticks during college. My stringing skills then were basic and I was only beginning to understand the intricacies of stringing and the theory behind it. But, they were functional enough and my teammates loved them. In college I also started experimenting with dying and even wrote a few articles for lacrosse blogs.

Did you always string your own sticks?

I have not always strung my own sticks. My first stick was a STX Sonic with a factory strung 6 diamond traditional. I still have this stick and will probably always keep it. After that I probably used a few factory strung sticks but in middle school started stringing my own. I would buy a new stick, try to use the factory stringing, but inevitably end up tweaking and re-stringing it to fit my play style.

Was there a stringing teacher/tutor or is your stringing knowledge based on trial and error?

I never had anyone who personally taught me to string. When I first started it was mostly just trial and error. Then, in college, I found The Lacrosse Forums and the stick doctors lounge. This introduced me to ideas like interlocking and doubling up and I had never tried before. I spend hours and hours looking at others work. I would study pictures until I could replicate it myself. When I started video tutorials were few and far between and all there was to learn from were pictures and a few picture tutorials.

How and why did you develop East Coast mesh?

I first developed East Coast Mesh in the summer after my senior year. I developed it because I was not fully satisfied with the other options on the market and felt like I could do it better. In the beginning there was a lot of testing and a lot of trial and error until I found exactly what I wanted.

How hard was it to develop your own business?

Building East Coast Dyes was one of the hardest things I have ever done. From the outside it may have looked like the business grew quickly and effortlessly, but it took late nights, hard work, and dedication to get ECD where it is today. When I first started it was just a hobby to keep myself busy in the summer between undergrad and graduate school. Then, business started to pickup right at the start of graduate school. I was still the only employee of ECD and also had a more than full time at an accounting firm, a full graduate level course load, and a youth team to coach. I woke up around 6 am, went to the accounting firm until 4pm, coached or had class until 8 or 9pm, then made mesh and strung heads until 2am or later. When school and work finally let up I brought my twin brother, Mike, on as a partner and made ECD my full time job.

Take a tour around the ECD office

How big do you think East Coast Dyes will grow in the future with all the other companies growing as well?

I believe that East Coast Dyes and East Coast Mesh will continue to grow steadily. We have aligned ourselves with wholesale partners, players, and companies who we believe will help us continue to succeed far into the long term. We have built a very loyal customer base and provide a valuable service to the stringing community with the East Coast Mesh and also the stringing tutorials. We also have a strong focus on the future in terms of our products. We are always developing new products, colorways, and trying to anticipate trends in lacrosse.

Any pro advice for someone who wants to start stringing?

When learning to string it is important to focus on why a stringing works. Do not focus on memorizing patterns or specific ways to string specific sticks. Instead, learn what makes a pocket throw a certain way. What causes whip, hook, hold, and consistency? Then learn how to add or reduce these items in stringing and apply those general rules to all heads.

Thank you Greg for taking the time for this interview. Everyone that has not seen a tutorial of Greg’S should check out the

EastCoastDyes You Tube channel

There is a bright future for the cooperation of LimeGreen Lacrosse and East Coast Dyes and we really appreciate the support in Growing and improving Lacrosse in Europe. Besides that all profits of selling ECM will be used to support the fight against blood cancer.

We will keep you updated on the ECD product line. Soon in your European Lacrosse store.


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