Man Up when you’re Man Down – 1. ELL Tournament 2013 in Berlin

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Earlier we reported about the 2013 edition of the ELL and interviewed organizer Ondrej to get a little bit more information about this year’s edition. The schedule for the first tournament 2013 was set as followed:

Saturday Aug 31, 2013
10.00 Deutschland Adler – Wolves
11.30 Custodes – Pietro Filipi
13.30 Wolves – Custodes
15.00 Pietro Filipi – Deutschland Adler

Sunday Sep 1, 2013
10.00 Wolves – Pietro Filipi
11.30 Deutschland Adler – Custodes

A week after the first game day in Berlin, hosted by the German team Deutschland Adler, a short recap will cover the positive and some minor negative aspects and we also have a brilliant story to talk about looking at one of the competing teams. But have a look yourself.

The venue/organization

Unusual for most American/Canadian box lacrosse player (at least those that have never been to Radotin) is the outdoor arena the ELL game day was played at. With 3 of the 4 game days taking place outdoors it would be weird to talk about an indoor league anyways. Luckily it did not rain on day one (unluckily it did on day 2) so games started on time. Host Adler took care of snacks and drinks and the teams took care of some good lacrosse.

The Teams

Deutschland Adler:

The defending champion of 2012 suited a rather young and inexperienced team with a majority of German Players. Most of the non-German players did not play which was a great chance for everyone present to get some game time.


The youth team of the CZ Lacrosse club LCC Radotin had a majority of young Czech players. Great creativity in offence and a fast transition could be expected.


The Adult team of LCC Radotin has some real high caliber players on offense but also some non CZ players that will be getting game time to get better.

Pietro Filipi:

A new member in the ELL family sponsor Pietro Filipi (CZ Fashion Company) had some difficulties getting players over to Berlin and only suited up 6 players (luckily including a goalie). From this stand point the clear underdog.

The Games and Results:

Adler – Wolves

Deutschland Adler – Wolves Radotín 11:6 (2:1, 5:1, 4:4) (Full Game Video)

Custodes – Pietro Filipi 7:5 (3:2, 3:0, 1:3) (Full Game Video)

Wolves Radotín – Custodes  10:9 (2:4, 5:1, 2:4, 1:0) (Full Game Video)

Pietro Filipi – Deutschland Adler 7:9 (3:1, 1:3, 3:5) (Full Game Video)

Wolves Radotín – Pietro Filipi 6:8 (3:2, 1:3, 2:3) (Full Game Video)

Deutschland Adler – Custodes 8:9 (2:0, 2:3, 4:5, 0:1) (Full Game Video)

With great offense, Custodes took home the victory at the first 2013 ELL tournament in Berlin. In a close battle that was decided by penalty shootout, second seeded Adler has all reason to look back at a great weekend and improvement amongst the German players. The surprise of this weekend however was Pietro Filipi, who finished third and showed tough and close games even though they did not have a single substitute. Ironically the only team that beat first seed Custodes, the Wolves, finished last.

The ELL Tournament 2 is held on September 21–22, 2013 in Prague-Radotín, CZ

Have a look at some impressions (including Felix Sorantins Cost-to-Cost goal) filmed with the LimeGreen Lacrosse GoPro equipment.


The Underdog – Pietro Filipi

It almost looked like a group of school kids waiting for their classmates to go to the park play ball when you watched the 6 players of Pietro Filipi that showed up to the ELL game day in Berlin at the parking lot, but no one else showed up to play. You could tell by their faces that they figured playing 3 games of box lacrosse with no substitute will be a tough time. Laughing, Sean Gibbson commented “At least everyone gets enough game time.” The mood improved and players started to realize that they were on the doorstep of becoming this weekend’s heroes.

Game 1 vs. Custodes:

The Warm-up: A good team offensively Custodes outplayed the underdogs in the first 2 thirds but finished strong in the last making it a close 7:5 loss against a team that had three times more players in the roster.

Game 2 vs. Adler:

Time to Win: With the stunning performance from the first game opponent Adler was warned not to underestimate Filipi. Unfortunately a great first quarter could not be turned into a victorious result but a close 7:9 loss.

Game 3 vs. Wolves:

Coast to Coast: Rested and ready to roll, that was the Filipi motto. With lots of heart, luck and profession the 6 man team “dominated” the game, taking home an unbelievable 8:6 victory over wolves. This also meant third overall position in the tournament. Great effort guys!!!

1148892_491460537616365_635190642_nThe roster + Coach Jan Barak of Pietro Filipi


At this point I hope that a shorthanded team like Pietro Filipi that originally consists of a 25 men roster will not happen another time at the other tournaments. Looking back at the weekend I think coming and playing at the ELL events is great fun and a good time for everyone.

All ELL games can be viewed HERE

Pictures of the event by A. Kaden,  J. Loskot  HERE

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