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To get professional support and find a good way of supporting the people affected by blood cancer, LimeGreen Lacrosse decided to partner up with one of Europe’s biggest bone marrow databases the DKMS Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei which has its headquarter in Germany. This non-profit organization is completely run on the bases of donations and acts on an international stage involving countries like Poland, Spain, the UK and the USA besides the origin Germany. The DKMS is using modern methods to determine the type of bone marrow of possible donators and saves this information in their database. In the event of a blood cancer disease, the affected person’s bone marrow type will be determined and the DKMS looks for a match among the donators in their database. As the bone marrow type relays on the genetically information the local environment or the area of origin of a diseased can often be an area of a possible donator. For this reason typification events, hosted by the DKMS itself or supportive organizations are run to find new donators and in this way support people affected by blood cancer.


 Gerold Frede (LimeGreen Lacrosse member) and Martin Brunner (DKMS club member)

Our custom Grow The Game shirts will contribute not only to the growth of lacrosse in Europe but also to a great cause by supporting the DKMS and the fight against blood cancer.

We are glad to partner up with the DKMS to support and increase the amount of bone marrow donators and help the people affected by blood cancer. At the German University Championships LimeGreen Lacrosse and the DKMS partnered up for the first time with Martin Brunner, a DKMS club member that donated bone marrow about one year ago. We are glad about the good cooperation at this event and are looking forward to further events LimeGreen Lacrosse and the DKMS can be involved.

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