Lacrosse vs. Blood Cancer – KIT typification

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The mission of LimeGreen Lacrosse is to fight one of the most widespread types of cancer, blood cancer. In comparison to other types of cancer, blood cancer can be cured. At least, the curing process can be supported by bone marrow donation of a type wise donator. This unique property of the disease and its treatment makes it possible for everyone to take part in the fight against it and to support people affected by it. To increase the amount of bone marrow donators and to increase the chances of finding a bone marrow match for people affected by blood cancer, LimeGreen Lacrosse partnered up with the DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei, German Bone Marrow Database). The DKMS is a German non-profit organization that manages one of Europe’s biggest bone marrow databases and arranges donation once a donator matches a blood cancer patient.


KIT Lacrosse team gets involved inthe fight against blood cancer

To support the mission of LimeGreen Lacrosse and the DKMS,  the University Lacrosse club of the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) took part in a typification event arranged by the University and the DKMS. With 21 members of the women’s and men’s team the KIT Lacrosse players joined in the fight against blood cancer by becoming possible bone marrow donators. To become a member of the bone marrow database, the bone marrow type of the donator needs to be determined. This procedure is a rather easy and quick swipe of a cotton bud in your mouth. The procedure is similar to situations you can see in crime movies to get DNA samples, followed by a registration process of personal data. If there are any questions amongst the donators, the friendly and qualified DKMS volunteers will help out at anytime. The swipes are being analyzed in the following week and every donator gets a DKMS ID card to improve the donating and registration process, once a patient matches the donator.


Lacrosse team of the KIT at the DKMS typification event

How to become donator?

To become a bone marrow donator you need to be healthy, to be between 18 and 55 years old, a bodyweight of over 50 kg and a BMI less than 40. These criteria match to almost every adult Lacrosse player out there. The KIT Lacrosse team members were not the only ones who entered the fight against blood cancer. At the same event over 680 new donators could be added to the DKMS bone marrow database.


As we support the effort of the KIT Lacrosse team every donator will get a free LimeGreen Lacrosse ball and customized “Grow the Game”-T-shirts for 50% off the regular price. Hopefully we are able to report about more Lacrosse teams or players taking part in the fight against blood cancer as well.

More information about the DKMS and how to become a donator are available HERE.

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