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Lacrosse Success – A Lacrosse Guide Made in Europe

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About 2 months ago a group of lacrosse and fitness experts published a unique piece of FREE literature about lacrosse, IN EUROPE! At this point most of you will ask themselves: Why should I read another story about the Native Americans, wooden sticks or maybe new shooting or dodging techniques? Well, this free accessible 33 paged guide doesn’t cover anything of these points at all. It actually doesn’t really focus on lacrosse that much but more on a tool you relay on more than on anything else, your body. Coaches mostly talk about getting your stick ready and warmed up before a big game- this brochure covers how to get your body and mind ready to perform at its best, in all aspects.

lacrosse success

The main Author, Dr Joseph Lightfoot (@JosephLightfoot) – a coach, campaigner, researcher and writer who graduated medical school in 2012 – has worked in a number of elite sport settings including several lacrosse teams at international level at major championships. He gathered a team of true athletes and experts in the field of Physiology, Strength & Conditioning and nutrition. Together with Chris Wainer (@ChrisWainer) a lacrosse fanatic from Manchester, UK and coaches Adam Wright and Ben Coomber (@BenCoomber) who is also a performance nutritionist they collected data and experience to write up a great guide for everyone interested in getting prepared for the big games.

Talking to Joseph about his work he explained:

We wrote the book to raise the level of lacrosse across the world after being involved in coaching the performance side of the game at u19 through to senior international level. One day we’d love to the see the book in the hands of every lacrosse player worldwide, so any sharing really helps!

After having a good read through it and trying some of the exercises myself I am totally convinced by the concept and idea behind this guide.

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pictures and descriptions of exercises

Not only does it cover a lot of information about the right physical and mental preparation before a game, Joe and his team also explain all the exercises by providing pictures and detailed descriptions. I could go on with telling you about all the great stuff that’s in there but I feel that simply having a read through it yourself will be the much better option.

Download your free version of: Championship Lacrosse Success

For more information about Lacrosse Success and the company behind it established by Joseph and Chris behind it visit: RESULTS Inc.  and give them a like on Facebook

We are really glad that such great work to improve athleticism in lacrosse is coming from Europe and wish you guys all the best for your future projects. We are looking forward to more lacrosse guide material made in the UK.

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