Northern Style Lacrosse – The Kiel Lacrosse Meeting 2013

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One of Germany’s oldest and most traditional lacrosse tournaments took place up north on August 4th – 5th, in Kiel. For the 18th time women’s and men’s teams from all over Germany made the trip to the city near the Baltic Sea to the tournament organized by the Kiel Lacrosse Club. Almost all participants stayed in tents at the campsite right next to the pitches for the upcoming 3 days of Lacrosse.

On the women’s side the teams:

Bremen, RoCats (Rostock), Kiel, Team Watermelon (Hamburg), Black Pearls, Victoria Berlin, Blax (Berlin), Hannover

And on the men’s side:

BHC (Berlin), Blax (Berlin), CCCP (Hamburg), Benders (Groningen), Kiel, Feine Jungs Braunschweig, Bielefeld,  East Coast Shellbacks, Münster, Hannover, Göttingen, Bremen.

They each met on Friday night for the traditional „warm up party“ which included BBQ and a great atmosphere on the campsite.


Waking up on Saturday morning for the first game everyone was ready to go but did not really relay on a warm up with temperatures above 30 °C and pure sunshine. All day long great lacrosse was going on at the women’s and men’s tournament with the men teams from Berlin (BHC) and Hamburg (CCCP) as well as Gottingen and Hannover fighting and scoring their way to the semifinals on Sunday. The women teams from Hannover and Hamburg (team watermelon) as well as host Kiel and a second team from Hamburg (Black Pearls) showed high scoring games and faced each other at Sunday’s semifinals. A short period of rain helped cooling everyone down and really had no effect on the great tournament. Unlucky if you did not own waterproof tent…

  Some impressions of the tournament. Pictures mostly taken by Abigail Bliss, Cheers for these great pictures

On Saturday night everyone was getting ready for the big players party. BBQ all around the campsite were only the beginning what later should be a total blast for most of the participants. The Club MAX, about 800 m distance from the field, set up a great party with good music and cold drinks and the lacrosse players made sure to take care of the rest. If you did not perform great on the field or your team finished last this was the time to pick it up and go for Theken Gold. With the last people leaving at 7 am the party truly fulfilled all expectations and was a blast for the majority of the people.


Refs rocking lime green at the tournament

Only 2 more games separated the 4 men’s and 4 women’s teams in the semis from taking home the cup and as expected BHC and CCCP made it to the final beating Hannover and Gottingen. On the women’s side favored team Hannover and the Hamburg selection team watermelon would face each other in the final beating Black Pearls and host Kiel.

While everyone expected a tough fight between BHC and CCCP for the cup the Berlin team took of quite surprisingly taking home an outstanding 7-1 victory against the Hamburg team. The Berlin Goalie Florentin Turowski was selected MVP for only letting in 3 goals during the whole tournament.


MVP Florentin Turowski


On the women’s side Hannover beat Team Watermelon in an exciting game clearly with 11-5 winning the cup of the 18th KLM. Here the final results:

Women’s tournament

  1. Hannover
  2. Team Watermelon
  3. Black Pearls
  4. Kiel
  5. BLAX
  6. Bremen
  7. Victoria Berlin
  8. RoCats

Men’s tournament:

  1. BHC
  2. CCCP
  3. Gottingen
  4. Hannover
  5. Braunschweig
  6. BLAX
  7. Bielefeld
  8. Munster
  9. Kiel
  10. Groningen Benders
  11. Bremen
  12. Shellback


Winners of the 18th Kiel Lacrosse Meeting, BHC (Berlin)

A big THANK YOU to the organization team of Kiel for a great weekend full of lacrosse. Thanks for supporting LimeGreen Lacrosse by using our lime green Ref uniforms. I guess everyone that participated is looking forward to next year. With a lot of young players taking part this year we really see great potential in Growing the Game in Kiel.


One of the best Lacrosse All Stars “moves” I have seen for a long time

We also saw a couple of guys running around with GoPros. Maybe we can spot some videos on YouTube in the near future. We will post them asap.

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