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The newest member of the Lacrosse All Star network comes along with one of the brightest and meaningful colors, lime green which is represented in our name and logo as well. To support the relentless work of the HEADstrong foundation and embrace their cause outside the USA we decided to develop LimeGreen Lacrosse, a non-profit organization that combines the fight against blood cancer with growing and improving the sport of lacrosse in Europe.

LimeGreen Lacrosse

The fastest growing sport in the USA and probably the world also brings up new lacrosse players and teams in countries all over Europe. Most of these players are defined by pure passion and enthusiasm for the sport that was once and still is played by Native Americans to honor the creator. The growing community of lacrosse players, coaches and parents is defined by true sportsmanship, courage and friendship among each other and often shows great effort in improving each other on and off the field.

The founders of LimeGreen Lacrosse, a group of lacrosse fanatics from Germany and England, are convinced, that these attributes will help supporting and spreading our mission to fight blood cancer on and off the field. The funds we raise will be equally split among our lacrosse and blood cancer programs to give back to the community we originate and support the people that are affected by blood cancer. Partnering up with the DKMS, a European bone marrow database we try to help curing people affected by blood cancer. By displaying and spreading information at the events we get involved at we also provide awareness amongst people that are not affected.

But the fast development of a sport which is mostly unknown among the average European citizen also brings challenges and problems that need to be faced and overcome. Our board is interested in finding these problems and building taskforces in close cooperation with the countries lacrosse associations and the European Lacrosse Federation. The key factors we are working on are growing the game, especially on the youth level and improving the level of coaching on all levels of play for equally women’s and men’s lacrosse as well as for outdoor and indoor lacrosse.

Day by day hundreds of volunteers are leaving time and sweat and on and off the field to grow and improve lacrosse in Europe and we want to give them a chance to share their work with the rest of the world. Articles in our Blog will cover stories ranging from Europe’s dominant lacrosse force England to the newcomers of Turkey. In the end lacrosse still stays lacrosse. Besides this Blog we have tons of other programs starting up in the next weeks.

After partnering up with our friend Greg from EastCoast Dyes we are able to provide EastCoast mesh and unique custom stringing for every European lacrosse player. The money we raise with our custom stringing will be donated 100 % to LimeGreen Lacrosse to support our lacrosse and blood cancer programs and events. Who knows, maybe in a couple of weeks there will be a custom LimeGreen Lacrosse EastCoast mesh on the market…


On top of that we are looking at buying GoPro Camera Equipment that will be rented out to European teams to get lots of video material from a unique perspective. We hope to raise some funds for our program and also give teams the chance to share their lacrosse experience with other by uploading their videos on our YouTube channel.

In less than one week LimeGreen Lacrosse will go public for the first time at Europe’s biggest outdoor lacrosse tournament, the Berlin Open, featuring custom made lime green Referee uniforms for more than 35 Refs who show their support and help spreading our mission and wearing our color with pride. Secondly we will be selling a limited edition of these sweet, custom made Grow the Game shirts and on top of that HEADstrong foundation chinstraps and shoelaces.


pol Lime Green Lacrosse preview updated


Wearing lime green not only looks great but also supports a good cause and helps promoting and spreading the word of LimeGreen Lacrosse.

So stay tuned for future articles about events, programs and people involved with LimeGreen Lacrosse and if you are interested in having you team or event on our Blog let us know and we will get in touch.

For more information check out and make sure you find us on Facebook and Twitter @LimeGreenLax.

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