‘Die Kumpelz’ on Tour – RhinoCup 2013

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Earlier we reported about a unique Lacrosse Tournament in Belgium, the Rhino Cup. The German team “Die Kumpelz” participated and we are glad to get some first hand insight from Team Captain Gerold:


KUMPELZ (friends) reach a new level! After their foundation in July and their first tournament in Würzburg (We reported from the redstore-Cup), the Kumpelz-Team from the Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) already gave their international debut at the Rhino Cup in Belgium two weeks ago. In Bonheiden, Belgium, the fifth episode of the already legendary RhinoCup took place. Especially the international flair of the tournament provides it with a charming character. Only one team per country was invited, thus, for the Kumpelz, it was an honor to present Germany at the cup. For the men’s competition, altogether eight teams took part. The teams from the Netherlands, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Germany (Kumpelz) and even a team from Bulgaria came to a great tournament and an awesome host, the Red Rhinos. The Kumpelz Team came out of the tournament with a 3-5 record with games won against the teams from Belgium, France and Bulgaria. The German team nearly beat the team from the Netherlands but a close 6-7 loss was the hurtful result of the game between the two neighbour countries. The highest loss (9-1) against the later winner from Scotland, Area 51, was the final game of the Kumpelz team on a sunny Sunday morning.

The Scots presented the finest Lacrosse during the whole tournament and absolutely deserved to win the cup. However, on this Sunday morning the Kumpelz Team (probably the other teams as well) was still talking about (and suffering from) the great player’s party the night before, where the Kumpelz showed their party quality. From a sportive perspective it was great to win the fifth place and to have two players in the Top 10 regarding goal scoring (Matthias Pahmeier 10; Gerold Frede) and of course it was great to meet so many fantastic people, every single one loving the game of Lacrosse and adventure to talk to!

Go check out some wicked video material at the party. There will be more videos coming from the event soon.

We are already looking forward to next year, Bedankt Red Rhinos Lacrosse Club!! Sticks up and Glück auf!

1376052_10151950374839134_684610254_nWhat a crazy team. We love it !!!

For the statistics, the results of the Kumpelz Team: Red Rhinos vs KUMPELZ 4:7 Tilburg Titans vs KUMPELZ 7:6 KUMPELZ vs Iberians 2:5 Manchester vs KUMPELZ 4:1 Lille Spartiates vs KUMPELZ 1:8 Bulgarian Khans vs KUMPELZ 3:5 Area 51 vs KUMPELZ 9:1

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