Box Lacrosse Is Taking Over – The 2013 NLL Draft

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US professional lacrosse is taking cover and switching from outdoor to indoor lacrosse. With the NLL season ahead the draft isn’t far away, too. Last NLL season The Lacrosse Network (TLN) covered a bunch of games for free on YouTube (check out the TLN channel) which was a pleasure especially for European lacrosse fans that usually can’t receive US television. Together with the LXM Pro events that are covered by TLN LIVE on YouTube and some MLL games that were broadcasted on YouTube as well (everything for free and live !!) a lot of people were able to watch some full game time live.

The broadcasting of the 2014 NLL season is not published yet but we hope to get some great live footage on YouTube by TLN again.

Check out the NLL season schedule HERE

Of course TLN will provide us with live footage from the NLL draft on Monday Sept 16th 7:00pm Est.

Now you will wonder why this is interesting for anyone in Europe that is not a total NLL fan? There is a little piece of European hope in that draft that every European Lacrosse fan, player, official and coach should support: Dominik Pesek.

We reported about his way to professional Box lacrosse earlier and we hope he will make the cut and gets drafted by one of the NLL teams. Good Luck Dominik.

While Dominik, who is playing for the Victoria Shamrocks, is waiting for the draft, his club is playing in the Mann Cup finals right now and there have been some quite unique stories. Check it out on

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