An unstoppable Host – 2. ELL Tournament in Radotin

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The third tournament of the 2013 European Lacrosse League is right in front so we want to take a quick look back to tournament two in Radotin and give some expectations for this weekend’s games.

Earlier we reported about the starting event of the 2013 European Lacrosse League (ELL) in Berlin. Three weeks later teams arrived at the heart of European Boxlacrosse, Radotin in the Czech Republic.

After the rather small rosters in Berlin some people were curious about a shrinking interest of players in the ELL. Luckily they are proved wrong. Marco Hill, a player from the USA making the big trip all the way over the pond for this weekend of Box lacrosse shows how attractive this league can be. We are sure he enjoyed his time over in Europe and look forward to seeing him at the next tournament. And he is not the only one that enjoys European Lacrosse action.

Before we want to quickly recap the games, I think a short description of the ELL rules is necessary. The ELL is played in a very specific mode enabling teams to get points even though they lose the game. For every period won you receive 1 point and the game winning team gets an additional 2 points. These add up and decide  the tournament result. Finally at the end of the tournament 3 points will be given to the team finishing first, 2 point for the second seated, third one 1 point and the last placed none. The addition of these points and the once from the games go to the overall table of the ELL and will decide about the games of the final tournament.

Back to the 2. Tournament:

Dominant but also really fun to watch was the winner of this second 2013 ELL tournament, Wolves, originally the youth team of LCC Radotin. Not only does the team mostly consist of young Czech players but also do they play a fun style with a lot of good ball movement including close and creative finishing.

Second seated Deutschland Adler had trouble getting their head in the last game against Wolves but showed an overall good performance over the weekend. With the German player Mark Brandenburg scoring a bunch of great goals over the weekend Adler is developing some real good German players in their program. We are looking forward to this development.

Custodes, the second Radotin originated team could not stand the young powerhouse Wolves and finished third, even though they beat second seated Adler by three goals. Number 3 Radek Skála was the dominant offensive power especially with his deadly outside shots and will be a player to watch for the upcoming tournaments.

Pietro Filipi who was missing out a few players in Berlin were set to succeed this time with all the English players making the travel all the way over to Radotin. Unfortunately Filipi top scorer and Irish Box player Sean Gibson couldn’t make the trip due to a tournament in Dublin so others had to step up for him. Maybe this was one reason they were not able to create enough offensive power to fix the defensive problems that caused them high scoring losses against Wolves and Adler. Only the victory against third seated Custodes showed the true offensive potential around the magic English triangle. Still the team was not able to perform well enough and take home enough points to finish last. Even though they won the game against 2. Custodes they were not able to win another period in the rest of the tournament.


Expectations for tournament 3:

Team to watch will be Custodes as they are adding some great talent from North America with Patrick Crosby and George Castle to the roster. In addition CZ export Dominik Pešek will return from his year abroad in Canada where he played successfully for the Victoria Shamrocks in Junior A.

As it is getting closer towards the final Tournament teams will start to get serious and we can expect a lot of great games at tournament 3. All games are streamed live and free HERE.

ELL Tournament 3 programme Saturday Oct 5, 2013

14.00 Custodes – Pietro Filipi
15.30 Wolves – Deutschland Adler
17.30 Pietro Filipi – Wolves
19.00 Custodes – Deutschland Adler
Sunday Oct 6, 2013
11.00 Deutschland Adler – Pietro Filipi
13.15 Wolves – Custodes

More Information about the ELL HERE

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