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Last weekend’s Lacrosse tour took us all the way down to southern Germany, to Munich. To be more precise the festive of the 4th German University Lacrosse Championships (adh-Open Lacrosse) took place in a small town near Munich, Neubiberg, on the campus of the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) University of Munich. Our small preview already covered some features we expected but last weekend was better than anyone could have ever imagined.

We want to start our little story with the start of every good Lacrosse event, the welcome party. Over 500 students from all over Germany arrived on campus on Friday and found their way to the UniBar where the party was getting hotter minute by minute and late into the night/morning.

The early bird catches the worm


At least either of them found someone to hold onto – lacrosse parties connect

The first games started on Saturday morning 9:00 am on a venue that could not be prepared any better. As the German University Lacrosse Championship is played 8v8 on the field and on a smaller pitch size, eight fields for a total of 40 teams (14 women’s and 26 men’s teams) were prepared to handle the masses. The term handle seems to be the most appropriate one since the majority of players are on a rookie level and do not really have any experience with Lacrosse tournaments.

However, the stage was set for a great weekend, the weather expectation was pure sunshine and at 11:30 am the host in person of main organizer Matthias Lehna stepped in front of the crowd to give a short speech and officially open the event. From then on the only thing to care about was play, watch and live Lacrosse.

After all the round robin games were played some teams cleary showed potential for winning this year’s cup. On the women’s side Würzburg, Cologne, Mainz, Münster and Karlsruhe slipped to the quarter finals awaiting stronger competition on Sunday morning for the semis. On the men’s side the teams from Aachen, Munich, the host Bundeswehr, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Münster and Cologne made their way to the quarterfinals showing great teamwork in offense and defense.

Party hard, Play harder

On Saturday night after a great day of Lacrosse everyone that did not perform his best on the field could show off some moves on the dance floor. It was a great party with the last people leaving at the time others prepared to get up for Sunday’s games. Of course, the combination of a women’s and men’s tournament gives every tournament party the special spice to get it going.

Some pictures of the tournament


Sunday Fun day

“Rested” and ready to roll, most teams started the final placement games on Sunday at 9:00 am. Since the number of participating team on the women’s side was lower their semifinals were scheduled at 1 pm. In exciting and high pace games the teams from Cologne and Würzburg beat their opponents from Karlsruhe and proceeded to the final. At 3:00 pm over 400 spectators and players watched a tough and spectacular final with Würzburg showing off well-coordinated team offense and dominating the second half to finally finishing first in the women’s tournament.

On the men’ side home team Bundeswehr and Aachen fought their way to the final beating the teams from Munich and Cologne/Bonn that faced each other in the game for third place. The last game of a weekend full of great Lacrosse under the best circumstances for an event of this size was a great way to say good bye for another year. The host and dominant team of the whole tournament, the Bundeswehr University of Munich, beat Aachen 11-5 to defend the title they already won in last year’s edition.


The winning teams from Würzburg University and Bundeswehr University from Munich

Probably the best team in the world?!

Sure, Bundeswehr won the German University championships not only this year but also last year and yes, they are a bunch of good players that give 110% on the field and yes, they are a major promoter of Box Lacrosse in Germany and Europe, BUT what really makes them a great team is the organization of an event like the one we saw last weekend. Everyone on the team contributed to the event’s success. Not a single game was off time, all referees were on time, happy and satisfied, food and drinks was accessible at all times as well as great pitches and a perfect venue. THANKS, Bundies and the whole organization team around Matthias!


The winners of the men’s tournament, Bundeswehr Lacrosse

LimeGreen Lacrosse takes offCIMG2082

All referees had our custom LimeGreen Uniforms and represented our color with pride

At the ending ceremony the host gave us the chance to shortly talk to all present players and share the LimeGreen Lacrosse mission. We were present the whole time at the tournament selling out our custom Grow The Game shirts and some East Coast dyes stringing equipment to raise money for our blood cancer program. In addition, a member of the DKMS Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei team who donated bone marrow to cure a person affected by blood cancer handed out firsthand information to everyone interested in the process of donating bone marrow and becoming a donator. In addition, the host Bundeswehr Lacrosse decided to donate 500€ of the event’s profit to our blood cancer program and help growing our organization and helping those affected by blood cancer. THANK YOU !!!



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